My role is to help you find clarity and direction in your life and support you to overcome the emotional hurdles that have kept you stuck. I use psychological and theological tools to help you to position your mindset for success.

How does it work?

I use psychological evidence base tools to support my non-religious clients and a mixture of psychological and practical theological tools to help Christians to manage their mental health and achieve their goals.

What to expect?

• You must be ready for change and motivated to take action to improve your Mental Health.
• You must be willing to create a new structure in your life to sustain lasting change.
• You must be willing to break the cycle holding you back and face your fears.

What are the benefits?

• I will help you to create balance and structure in your life to reduce stress, low mood, and burnout.
• I can help you to gain clarity and give you direction so that you can navigate through life effectively.
• Christian, I can help you to use your faith in God to heal emotional wounds.
• I will help you to create achievable goals and guide you to achieve them using evidence-based psychological techniques.
• I can guide you to process difficult emotions and learn tools to manage them.
• I will support overcome shame and guilt and build self-confidence.
• I can help you to reduce excessive worries about the future
• I can help you to prioritise your needs over that of others.
• I can help you to overcome your fears of stepping out into the unknown.
• I can help you to create boundaries, overcome procrastination, and overcome loneliness.

To see if this service is right for you, feel free to contact me.

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