Personal Development Coaching

What is personal development? Personal development coaching is a strategic approach to improve areas of a person’s life that his hindering their progress. It covers all the activities that improve a person’s self-esteem, well-being and relationships.

What I do as your coach?

My role is to help you find clarity and direction in your life and support you to overcome the emotional hurdles that have kept you stuck.

As your Personal Development coach first I will assess your client’s current state, where you are and where you want to be in the future. After exploring these specific area that you want to improve we develop realistic goals and I will support you to develop strategies to follow and support you to be accountable to your goals.

I become your personal mentor who will be there with you every step of the way and help you along.

Benefits of Personal Development Coaching

I use psychological and theological tools to help you to position your mindset for success.

What do my clients say?

The session I had with Ontonio was timely and reinforcing! I would not change a thing.

What to expect

The prerequisites for personal transformation is determined by you.

  • You must be ready for change and motivated to take action to improve your Mental Health.
  • You must be willing to create a new structure in your life to sustain lasting change.
  • You must be willing to break the cycle holding you back and face your fears.