Training for Corporates

Over the years I have worked with a number of corporate companies and organisations such as Tesco, BBC Podcast, Global Jamaica diaspora, Bath University, Partisan, doing various training on how to manage stress, low mood, anxiety and improving confidence. I can support your organisation to develop wellbeing programmes to improve productivity of your workforce who might be experiencing burnout, poor performance, improve skills around assertiveness and problem solving. I also support organisations using cultural sensitive and cultural adaptive techniques to improve improve awareness on diversity and inclusion.

Topics covered

Manage stress and burnout in the workplace

Identifying and dealing with stress and burn out in the work place to improve productivity and staff wellbeing with psychosocial strategies.

Win the hidden battles of depression and anxiety

Manage depression and anxiety for the department or organisation on practical steps to to reduced sick leave, reduced staff turnover and improve productivity.

Training Structure

I am passionate about equipping corporate organisation with practical tools to support employees to manage internal and external stress that can impact their productivity level. I have designed programme to support organisations to deal with common mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety.

I offer one off training and also facilitate month mental health space for staff learn how to manage their mental health. We also support your work force by offering one to one therapy for those who might be struggling with mild- moderate levels of depression and anxiety.

What is Corporate wellbeing?

Corporate wellbeing takes into considerate the wellbeing of the employer and employees. It take into consideration the overall mental, physical, emotional, and economic health of the workforce. It’s influenced by various factors such as their relationships with co-workers, their decisions, and the tools and resources they have access to. Research has found that corporate organisation loses millions of pounds each year due absenteeism. According to Gallup report approximately 76% of employees have admitted experiencing symptoms of job burnout for reasons ranging from poor management to unmanageable workload to unfair treatment at work. Poor treatment at work or excessive workload can increase stress level which can trigger mental health difficulties. It is important that corporate organisations make the necessary steps to make mental health conversations and training a regular part of their agenda and make it a part of their budget to invest in employed mental health.