I'm Ontonio Dawson, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

I have been a motivational speaker for over 10 years as a result I have learnt ways to inspire and motivate people, but I wanted to learn ways to transform people’s life, and this is what lead me to become a Psychological therapist. I have learnt tips and techniques to support individuals to develop balance, structure, manage emotional distress, challenging negative thinking patterns, and process complex psychological issues. I am extremely passionate about what I do, and this passion is infectious once we start working together.

My Qualifications & Credentials

What do my clients say?

Therapy with Ontonio has allowed me to resurrect goals that I had forgotten or too afraid to achieve.

Experience and Accreditation

I have 5 years’ experience working in the National Health Service here in the United Kingdom as a Psychological Therapist. I also worked a Para-professional counsellor while serving as Police officer in the Jamaica Constabulary Force. I am also a Licensed Minister of Religion and used this capacity to counsel many people to manage life challenges. I am accredited by the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP) as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) and this allows to support my patients with a variety of evidence based tips and techniques to manage different mental health challenges.

How Can I Help You?

CBT Therapy

Engage in CBT Therapy to address and modify negative patterns of thinking and behavior, while also developing coping strategies to overcome a range of mental health challenges.


Receive personalised coaching to identify obstacles that may hinder your progress in achieving personal and professional goals. And, develop strategies to enhance your skills and overall well-being.


Experience tailor-made training programs for Corporates, Churches, and Communities, designed to elevate participants’ skills and knowledge, fostering both personal and organisational growth.


Discover tools, techniques, and resources for cognitive behavioral therapy and personal development coaching to help support your journey of growth and self-improvement.

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