God's Seed For Success

A 31 day devotional to transform minds from drought to growth.

Through the leading of God I have been working on this project "God's Seed For Success" - a 31 day devotional to transform minds from drought to growth. We are living in challenging times but we can still be successful if we can recognise that crisis doesn't restrict Christ. Regardless of your current struggle you are God's Seed for Success. God made you with success in mind and there is no failure in God.

This book will take you on a journey through the life of Abraham. Everyone of us like Abraham if we apply the right principles and strategies of God into our daily life we can become successful. This book takes into consideration your spiritual, mental and social life. It is loaded with practical tips and tools to help you transform your life. I guarantee you this is not just reading material, this book is a tool kit to fix minds and spirits that needs to be uplifted or that has been broken down by the challenges and struggles life.

This book is for those who to see grow and unlock the greatness that is trapped within them.

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God's Seed For Success front cover

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